Benefits of Ballet

5 Benefits of Ballet

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Ballet has a great number of physical, mental and social benefits for participants. However, quite often  people feel like if they haven't learned ballet as a child then they've somehow missed the boat.

1. Ballet Body

Ballet engages the entire body from head to toe, with each exercise at the barre working different muscle groups. Studies consistently show that ballet training is as physically tough as a number of top level sports.

2. Happy Hormones

In a ballet class when you are focused on the placement of your body and co-ordination with the music in the moment, you are able to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Additionally, classical music has been shown to have positive, calming influences on the brain and aids focus and concentration.

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3. Communication Skills

Learning ballet in your spare time is a fantastic creative outlet which helps to develop self-expression in new and exciting ways. How effective it is at telling a story without words.

4. Confidence

Learning new and challenging techniques and then putting them into practice in front of your classmates or an audience gives you a real confidence boost.

5. Enjoyment

Learning ballet is great fun, which is one of the reasons this beautiful form has stood the test of time, and is still enjoyed by so many people to this day. Even as a beginner, learning to pick up the skills and movements, dancing to new styles of music, and meeting passionate, like-minded people is a real joy!