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What to expect at your first ballet class?

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So, you found an instructor and a school that is just right for you?

What’s next? Here are some basics.

What to expect at your first ballet class?

If you never took ballet classes before you might think right away about point shoes and tutu and start getting worried that it’s going to be way too hard. Of course, getting on point requires years of training, so don’t worry, you are not quite there yet.

Ballet leotard, tights and ballet shoes are the proper class attire. But if you are not quite comfortable wearing ballet clothes on your first class, plain color yoga pants and stretchy t-shirt will do. The reason behind the tight attire is so you can see how your own body moves and how your muscles work.

You can get leather or canvas ballet shoes and, if not sure about the size, go to one of the dance stores to be fitted. Your shoes need to be tight enough but not squeezing your feet.

Girls, pull your hair back in a bun or ponytail, so it’s off your face. You can find a lot of online tutorials on how to do a ballet bun. Jewelry and watches will need to be taken off for your own safety.

You teacher will be providing you with water breaks, but you can have your water bottle close by to stay hydrated.

Whether it’s your first class ever or you are coming back after dancing as a child, ballet could be intimidating as you would need to grasp a lot of information at first. Just stick with it! It will all start making sense very soon and the outcome will be so rewarding.

What to expect at your first ballet class? Adult Ballet Classes Online